Wiebke Künnemann


VLB Berlin

Wiebke Künnemann

IfGB Coordinator Spirits and Distillery / VLB Berlin

Since 2005 Wiebke Künnemann has been responsible for the distiller courses and the IfGB Forum Spirits and Distilleries symposium, which are organised by VLB under the IfGB label.
Since 2014 she has been doing this as IfGB coordinator, a staff unit of the management.

In addition to operational activities, she is also a member of the public relations team for the spirits sector and the editorial staff of the "BRAUEREI FORUM".
The author of the trade journals "GETRÄNKEINDUSTRIE" and "KLEINBRENNEREI" feels the pulse of the spirits industry. As a professional networker, she brings together those who jointly advance the industry.

DLG sensor technology experts for spirits as well as for beer and mixed beer drinks
Since 2001 PR consultant and editor of the trade journal BRAUEREI FORUM at VLB Berlin.
2000 Further training as PR consultant
Until 2000 editor and field archaeologist, research trips to Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.
Archaeologist, Ethnologist (Magister)