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28 - 30 November 2023 / Nuremberg, Germany

BrauBeviale Newsroom

BrauBeviale@stage: a high concentration of knowledge transfer

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"BrauBeviale sees itself as both a source of inspiration and a problem-solver," Executive Director Andrea Kalrait commented during an interview four years ago. This claim has never been more relevant than it is today, because this year has brought us its fair share of problems and the brewing and beverage industry could do with a little motivation right now. In order to live up to its own expectations, BrauBeviale@stage has put together a line-up of supporting events on an unprecedented scale. We hope that these highlights from the programme will arouse your curiosity and whet your appetite for the BrauBeviale Special Edition.

Between 10 and 12 November, BrauBeviale visitors can look forward to interesting presentations and exciting panel discussions on one of the six stages in the three exhibition halls. Many of the events will also be available as live streams online at:

Uniform data structures in beverage logistics

On Tuesday afternoon, the ‘Babylonian Language Confusion’ will take place on the Centre Stage in hall 9, stand 9-501. This lively debate will address the ongoing issue of uniform data structures within the wholesale beverage industry. Presented by Dr. Klaus Stadler, the panel includes Dirk Reinsberg from the Association of German beverage wholesalers (BV-GFGH), Andreas Vogel from the beverage solution company GEVA, Henning Meyer from Störtebeker & Kontor N & Elbphilharmonie, Thorsten Schön from Pro-Getränke, Jan Beerwerth from Krombacher and Matthias Kehl from Orgasoft. The discussion will focus on future concepts concerning the digitalisation of beverage logistics and address the following questions:
Why are uniform data structures necessary? What role does article master data play in the value chain? How can digitalisation be successful? What are the users’ experiences?

‘Italian Affairs’ will kick off at 12 noon on the Special Interest Stage in hall 7A, stand 7A-518. This Italian-themed event is presented by ARTE-BIER and takes a close look at the craft beer scene in the land of la dolce vita – including Italian raw materials, the unique features of the Italian beer market and new types of Italian Grape Ale.

The ‘new normal’ in foreign trade

On Wednesday, 11 November 2020, the Special Interest Stage (7A-518) will be dedicated to export professionals. For five years now, the Export Forum German Beverages has offered a networking platform for all German beverage manufacturers that export their products or are interested in doing so. The concept of the Export Forum German Beverages revolves around expert input and knowledge-sharing, specially tailored to the needs of the participants. Up until now, the event has always taken place on the day before BrauBeviale, but will be included in the trade fair programme during this Special Edition.

The forum will start with current analyses from the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE) and the Association of Export Breweries in North, West and Southwest Germany.

After the lunch break, the focus will turn to the topic of creating value in exports. Organiser Dieter Klenk has brought together two export professionals who are very self-critical about their roles in marketing German beer abroad. Uwe Aichele from the private Eichbaum brewery talks about the start of a new kind of export marketing and also refers to omissions in the past. Jan-Peter Stoelken, the former head of export at Oettinger and now managing director of Reepbana GmbH in Hamburg, will take participants on a journey "from St. Pauli to the market niches of the world".

Afterwards, two best practice examples from the craft brewers Fürst Wiacek in Berlin and Frau Gruber in Gundelfingen will demonstrate how added value can be created in export. Finally, a presentation by Sabine Möller, export manager at the Gräfliches Hofbrauhaus Freising, will explore the key success factors for export for medium-sized businesses.

Innovations in the beverage industry

Besides addressing the topic of export, the Federation of German Food and Drink Industries will also host its own event – Innovations in the beverage industry – on Centre Stage (9-501) on Wednesday afternoon. Trade fair visitors can look forward to three lectures that shed light on the challenges facing the German food and beverage industry and provide inspiration for innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made one thing clear: companies must now use digital technologies in a targeted manner to adapt their working environments to the new normality. Digital technologies are essential in this process. In the first presentation, Siemens Advanta will highlight the importance of change programmes, strategies and customised digitalisation solutions.

The second presentation will focus on innovations of a completely different kind. Professor Dr Stefan Töpfl, CEO of Elea GmbH, explains how the use of pulsed electric fields (PEF) in the fruit juice and beverage industry can contribute to increased product yield and low temperature preservation.

The third presentation will introduce another different perspective. The international market research company Innova Market Insights from the Netherlands will focus on product innovations in the beverage industry, analysing consumer trends and extensive market data.

Lateral thinking and raw material research in the brewing industry

In March, the 13th workshop for lateral thinkers within the brewing industry had to be cancelled due to Corona. The workshop is now set to take place as part of BrauBeviale@stage on Thursday, November 12 2020 on the Special Interest Stage (7A-518). With the tagline ‘Ways to innovative beers’, the workshop will focus on the reinterpretation of traditional varieties.
Whilst the lateral thinkers are enjoying their workshop, the specialist publisher Hans Carl will be hosting a presentation on ‘Raw materials in brewing technology’ on the Technology Stage in hall 7, stand 7-520.

In recent years, virtually no other topic has been as prominent in the brewing industry as that of raw materials. New varieties of hop have found their way into beer recipes, and so, too, have traditional brewing barley varieties and special yeast strains. The brewer now has a true playing field of possibilities when it comes to brewing new and different-tasting beers.

Dr Lydia Junkersfeld, editor-in-chief of both BRAUWELT and BrewingScience, will be hosting an event between noon and 2 p.m. on Thursday, November 12 2020, addressing a number of topics that have made their way from brewing science into brewing practice.

Sandro Cocuzza from Hopsteiner will talk about ‘The influence of dry hopping on selected beer characteristics’. Dr Martina Gastl and Stefan Hör from the Faculty of Brewing and Beverage Technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) will address the ‘Significance and interpretation of gelatinisation temperature in times of climate change’. Dr Mathias Hutzler from the Weihenstephan Research Center for Brewing and Food Quality at the TUM reports on ‘Special yeasts for alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers’. Finally, Dr Roland Pahl from the VLB Berlin will devote his presentation to the topic of water.

Numerous other topics from and for the industry

The above is only a small preview from the BrauBeviale@stage programme... Perhaps you’re interested in other topics, such as the position of US craft brewers in the Corona crisis, the debate about deposits on bottles and crates, non-alcoholic beer brewing processes, energy management, the outcome of the ‘Raw Material Day’ organised by the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries, balancing convenience and sustainability in beverage packaging, current craft beer topics or the winners of the European Beer Stars and the Ludwig Narziss Award for Brewing Science? If so, BrauBeviale@stage is the place to be between 10 and 12 November 2020 – either at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg or virtually with the live stream.